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Bienvenido a Creciendo Juntos (CJ)!

The Creciendo Juntos website is in transition and we want you to continue finding information and sharing information.  As the census data confirms, Charlottesville and Central Virginia are experiencing a dramatic increase in the number of Latino/Hispanic households, and this has challenged service providers in the areas of education, health, housing, and public safety, among many others.

At the same time, area businesses, consumers, and residents have seen the positive benefits from the presence of new Latino/Hispano workers, customers, businesses, and neighbors. Many individuals and organizations in the region want to ensure that the immigrant and non-immigrant communities continue to integrate, grow together, and celebrate the diversity of talents, experiences, and histories that all residents bring to the entire community.

CJ exists as a network dedicated to building knowledge, sharing information, and seeking ways to collaborate and integrate across cultural divides. As such, CJ is every person and initiatives in the Charlottesville area working towards these goals.

We hope everyone visiting this website finds it informative and useful, and will seek a way to participate in this effort. Please continue sending us information to post and to share with others.

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