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The links below are meant to provide access to knowledge and information for local service providers and community members about issues pertaining to Latinos on a local, regional, and national level. 


Diploma, Please: Promoting Educational Attainment for DACA- and Potential DREAM Act-Eligible Youth, Migration Policy Institute, September 2014

Latinos in New Spaces: Emerging Trends and Implications for Federal Education Policy, National Council of La Raza, February 2015

The Teaching for Tolerance website, provides a wide range of resources for classroom teachers, including lesson plans, backward-designed literacy plans that incorporate the Teaching Tolerance Social Justice Standards, a library of short texts to use with students, a collection of performance tasks and rubrics, descriptions of effective teaching strategies with a particular focus on English language learners and anti-bias education, and multi-media film kits with a social justice focus.

Colorín Colorado, provides information for both educators and families of English language learners (ELLs) in Grades PreK-12. For teachers, it provides strategies, ideas, recommendations, resources, multilingual and multicultural books for students, videos, and news relevant to the teaching of ELL students. For administrators and school leaders, it provides guidance on how to create and maintain equitable school programming for ELL and other dual-language students.

Teaching for Change is a website that provides booklists, articles, and other resources to “encourage teachers and students to question and re-think the world inside and outside their classrooms, build a more equitable, multicultural society, and become active global citizens.”

The website for the National Association for Bilingual Education (NABE), the nation-wide professional organization for bilingual teachers, provides information about NABE publications, conferences, and symposia, as well as information about national bilingual initiatives like the Seal of Biliteracy and the My Name, My Identity campaign.

The website for the Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) International Association, the international professional organization for TESOL/ESL teachers, provides information about resources published by the organization, their conferences and symposia, and various online courses, virtual seminars, and certificate programs they offer related to ESOL/ESL instruction and school leadership.

The Virginia TESOL Association website, provides information about its state convention and other information relevant to teachers of English language learners in Virginia.

The Center for Applied Linguistics website, offers a comprehensive set of resources for teachers working in all aspects of dual language and ESOL/ESL instruction and assessment, as well as individuals looking for research on such programs.

Virginia Dual Language Educators Network, This organization was established in fall 2016 “to connect dual language teachers, administrators, central office personnel, university professors, members of the Virginia Department of Education, educational resource providers, parents, and anyone interested in dual language education in Virginia.”



An Inside Look at Chronic Disease and Health Care among Hispanics in the United States, National Council of La Raza, July 2014

Help Happens Here, Community Mental Health and Wellness Coalition, May 2017

Accompanying Communities Towards Health and Equity, Latino Health Access, August 2017


Investigation Finds Adverse Treatment of Latinos in 55 Percent of Rental Housing Inquiries, Equal Rights Center, 2016


White House Task Force on New Americans

Top 10 Migration Issues of 2016, Migration Policy Institute, December 2016

Child Migration Crisis in the United States, Migration Policy Institute, December 2014

Publications from the National Immigration Law Center cover topics including DACA, E-Verify, Deportation, and more. 

Unauthorized Immigrant Population Profiles, Migration Policy Institute



Language Access Civil Rights Law Webinar, Magellan of Virginia Cultural Competency Webinar, September 2014

Publications in Spanish

Spanish-language publications from the National Council of La Raza