CHISPA: Charlottesville Initiative for Social Practice through the Arts.

Program Description:

CHISPA is a series of artist talks and workshops centered around the idea that creative freedom and cultural expression is at the core of social movements and change. Our program is designed for and by Latinx youth and youth of color in Charlottesville.

Our Goal

The goal of this program is to provide a space for Charlottesville's Latinx youth/youth of color to engage with young, talented and distinguished artists of color that are using their creativity and talent to make positive social change in their communities all over the country.

Our Vision

Through this engagement, and with our support, our Latinx youth and youth of color will be inspired to:

  • Build a strong community and network of support amongst other young Latinx youth and youth of color.

  • Support one another in initiating their own creative projects for their community.

  • Create safe spaces for themselves and their community to freely express themselves as young people of color. 

In building a community of support with one another, our youth will gain the confidence they need to become resilient leaders and creative problem solvers in their community. 

Check out last year's open mic: 

Writer's Heaven Open Mic w/ José Olivarez

After a crazy year in 2020, Creciendo Juntos was finally able to have our Writer's Heaven Open Mic w/ José Olivarez. 

Our team organized an open mic event in collaboration with the José Olivarez, who's poem "Mexican Heaven" inspired our title, and the artists that submitted for our first Zine. Each artists read their work or demonstrated their pieces and go into a brief explanation behind their submission. 

Each work that was published in the CHISPA zine and presented in this video are credited to the artists themselves (in no particular order): Andrea Espinosa, My'kal and Jeanremi, Arianna Mosqueda, Elizabeth Valtierra, and Dalia López-Ruiz.

Our first ever CHISPA zine publication is now available to order! 

We're feeling very proud about presenting to you our first ever CHISPA Zine publication, Writer's Heaven, inspired by our first visiting artist, poet and author, José Olivarez!


Thanks to the work of our past CHISPA program participant, Andrea Espinosa, and our intern, Elizabeth Valtierra, we were able to design and print this beautiful and powerful zine for our community! The pages are filled with poems, and art created by youth of color, as well as a special message from José OIivarez! 


Order a copy of Writer's Heaven today! All the proceeds will be put towards our CHISPA program, including future zine publications. Support our efforts towards cultivating change that is rooted in creativity and joy for our young leaders!

We understand that times are tough, and so, although we are suggesting a minimum donation of $15 per copy, we will appreciate whatever you can contribute!