Transformative Learning and Healing Through Culture.



La Cultura Cura is an intergenerational social support group that centers Latina women and Latinx femmes, 15 and older in connecting, healing, and learning together.

Our Goal

The goal of this group is to create a space for cultivating healing and joy through the power of cultural celebration, sisterhood, social solidarity and self actualization.

Our Vision

Our participants will engage in monthly activities that promote sisterhood, activism, culture, and solidarity. Through this learning and healing our participants will:

  • Give a voice to the cultural identity of our community.

  • Contribute to the integration, improvement, and wellbeing of the Latinx community in Virginia.

  • Find and strengthen their voices.


All while promoting respect, equality, social justice, cultural understanding, and hermandad.

La Cultura Cura is a collaborative group offering between Creciendo Juntos and The Women's Initiative.