General Resources



  • Sin Barreras provides direct services to Latinos in a variety of areas, including legal clinics, translation services, and referrals to other agencies.  

  • Cville TimeBank is a reciprocal service exchange that uses units of time as currency.



  • The process for becoming a certified Virginia Court interpreter is described at HERE.


  • Martha Trujillo, originally from Mexico, has translated numerous documents from flyers and important letters to lengthy reports. Telephone: (434) 972-1703

  • Mathew Sibley, located in Harrisonburg can offer translation of documents, and in-person or over the phone interpreting. Email:

  • Dr. Eduardo Brito of Brito & Moss, LLC: Legal documents and contracts translated from Spanish to English or English to Spanish. Dr. Brito is also experienced in obtaining notarizations, legalizations, and apostilles for documents worldwide.  Express mailing and courier services available. FREE CONSULTATION at 703-962-7515.

  • FORWARD/Adelante: Spanish/English Translations (English to Spanish or vice versa) of advertisements and marketing materials, legal documents, and of real estate provisions and laws.

  • Spanish in Virginia: Offers English to Spanish translation services for documents, letters, brochures, newspaper articles, fliers, user's guides, websites, etc.

  • English for Success/Inglés para el éxito, translation Services, from letters to policy handbooks. Contact: Hazael Garay. Telephone: (434) 989-2508

Our Mission

The mission of Creciendo Juntos is to provide a platform for the voices, needs and wants of the Latinx community in Charlottesville and surrounding counties through education and leadership development. As agents of advocacy and equity, our volunteer network of individuals and organizations strive to strengthen Central Virginia by ensuring that all Latinx individuals have access to the opportunities they need to become resilient leaders in our community.


Karina A Monroy

Executive Director

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