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Learning to Lead Together.


Latinx Leaders is a grassroots leadership development group made up of Latinx immigrants and Latinx born in the United States interested in supporting and representing the Latinx voice in Virginia.

Our Goal

The goal and mission of Latinx Leaders is to create a space for solidarity, activism, leadership, and orientation for Latinx youths and adults in Virginia. To establish a diverse organization who promotes an inclusive society with opportunities for all.

Our Vision

Our leaders will be trained to take initiative in the following:

  • ​Promote respect, equality, social justice, cultural understanding, and hermandad

  • Give a voice to the cultural identity of our community.

  • Represent our community at both local and state board meetings.

  • Contribute to the integration, improvement, and wellbeing of the Latinx community in Virginia

  • Find and strengthen their voice.​

Our community will be able to:

  • Recognize and embrace cultural diversity within the Latinx culture.

  • Integrate and navigate new cultures without abandoning their roots.

  • Feel secure in participating in and utilizing available resources.

  • Improve their quality of life as well as their education and wellbeing.

  • Come together as a diverse community with the common goal of creating an inclusive society with opportunities for all.

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