Cultiva: Mental Health Work Group

Click here for a directory of Mental Health Services for Spanish Speaking Consumers

The mission of the CJ Mental Health Work Group is to promote the availability, coordination and quality of mental health services for the Spanish-speaking community in our region. The group supports education, outreach and advocacy initiatives to ensure access by members of the Hispanic community to mental health services. The group's objectives are:

  • Identify gaps in services and advocate for the development of needed mental heath programs for Hispanics.

  • Support efforts to improve the competency of mental health practitioners.

  • Provide networking opportunities and support for mental health professionals working with the Hispanic community.

  • Collaborate with other CJ sub-committees to address issues of common concern.

  • Create partnerships with other community entities to address issues of mutual concern, e.g. expanding services, training students, etc.

The Mental Health Work Group provides space for service providers to meet and share resources. They have sponsored community workshops on: 

  • Mental Health Services for Latinos

  • Family Reunification- Child Refugees from Central America

  • Effects of Domestic Violence in the Latino Population 

For mor information about CJ Mental Health Group and ways in which you can get involved, please contact Karina A Monroy at:


Karina A. Monroy

Executive Director

1740 Broadway Street

Charlottesville, VA 22902

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