Our Evolving Food System: From Slavery to Sovereignty All-Access Symposium. October 17th and 18th.

"The two-day UVA Bicentennial Symposium will engage scholars and the full University of Virginia and Charlottesville community in more fully understanding the past in order to more fully vision the future of our food system. UVA’s food system was shaped by slavery and segregation, and it continues to bear the impacts of this legacy of exploitation. What would it take for us to build a radically changed system predicated on “sovereignty,” in which historically marginalized communities take the lead in shaping the production, distribution, preparation, and enjoyment of healthy, culturally reflective food? During this Symposium an interdisciplinary group of activists and scholars will help us confront our history and begin to name a new vision for UVA’s food system. Participants will learn from local and national leaders such as Malik Yakini of the Detroit Black Community Food Security Network; taste food prepared by indigenous chefs and culinary historians; and contribute ideas towards an action plan for the University."

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Karina A. Monroy

Executive Director


1740 Broadway Street

Charlottesville, VA 22902

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