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Program Coordinator

Charlottesville-Area Community ID Program Coordinator

Job Description -- 10 hours/week


Three local organizations - Hinton Avenue United Methodist Church (HAUMC), New Beginnings Christian Community, and the Welcoming Greater Charlottesville task force - are starting a new program which will fill an important community need: to provide ID cards to people who need them.

According to a national study, approximately 11% of U.S. citizens do not have a government-issued ID. People need IDs to get certain prescription drugs, gain access to several municipal and health care services, to check into a hotel, open a bank account, get a marriage license, and more. And people with a verifiable ID feel more welcomed and included by their community.

Our program will provide a community ID card to people who present certain documents that show proof of identity and of their address. The program has been designed with extensive input from the organizations that need to honor this ID: social services, local police and sheriff departments, Latino support groups, organizations serving the homeless and those returning from prison. Since ours is not a government-issued ID, this involvement is necessary to the card's acceptance and credibility.

The Program Coordinator position will be critical to the program's success. The Coordinator will be housed at HAUMC and be supervised by its pastor; he or she will also work very closely with a leadership team that includes the HAUMC and New Beginnings pastors, the Welcoming Greater Charlottesville leader, a representative from Sin Barreras (a Latino advocacy nonprofit), and key volunteers from the two churches.

Responsibilities: With input from the leadership team:

• Coordinate with HAUMC on all financial record keeping (HAUMC is the program's fiscal agent).

• Purchase and maintain the equipment needed for the program (with leadership team approval).

• Purchase supplies.

• Contribute to decisions regarding documents required to receive the ID.

• Seek support from interested churches, local pharmacies, banks, social service providers, medical providers, merchants, food banks, schools, bus and train station, housing officials, the regional jail and others.

• With the leadership team, conduct promotional meetings with City and County officials, and all key stakeholders.

• Plan and oversee the monthly ID drives (the events at which people sign up for the ID cards). This includes: recruit/train volunteers, publicize the drives and the documents needed to obtain the ID, ensure all equipment is present and in working order, bring supplies, coordinate closely with the host of each drive.

• Oversee media campaign.

• Be the key contact for all program management, partner relations, publicity, etc.

• Meet regularly with the HAUMC pastor, and report regularly via email to the full leadership team, on key developments, issues and decisions made, for the program's first 3 months. Meet monthly face-face with the leadership team for the first 6 months; then bi-monthly or quarterly after.

• Carry out wide-scale promotion of the program to the communities most likely to want the IDs: immigrants, the homeless, those returning from prison, people with mental health issues.

• Be willing to work one Saturday/month.

Skills and characteristics

• Self-starter. This position is somewhat autonomous and will require someone who is energetic, forward thinking, well organized and goal oriented.

• Strong verbal communication skills in both English and Spanish.

• Strong interpersonal and marketing skills.

• Reasonable familiarity and comfort with computer operations.

• Affinity for the under-privileged and under-served.

• No religious affiliation necessary.

• Understand and reflect the values of the three sponsoring organizations: respect,   compassion, advocacy, tolerance, justice, and inclusion.

Pay: $18/hour, plus expenses.

Desired starting date: Feb. 1, 2019.

Application deadline: Jan. 8, 2019

To Apply: Send your resume and a note explaining why you are interested in this position, to; HAUMC: 750 Hinton Ave, Charlottesville, VA 22902. Attn: Robert Lewis, Pastor.

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