Making Sure that our Community Knows their Options.


Si Se Puede is a program focused on demystifying the higher education application process for the Latinx community.

Our Goal

The goal of Si Se Puede is to help Latinx families gain insight about the college application process. We aim to have open and honest conversations with our families about the serious roadblocks our communities face in pursuing higher education, while at the same time inspiring hope by providing them with the opportunity to be connected with resources, and successful individuals who share similar stories as them. 

Our Vision

Through this series of workshops parents and students will:

  • Gain confidence and hope in their academic future by being exposed to stories of individuals that come from similar backgrounds and situations. 

  • Feel a sense of belonging by connecting with other students and parents who are experiencing the same fears, doubts and uncertainty. 

  • Be empowered to be the active leaders of their own lives in regards to their future education and career.  

Who is Si Se Puede For?

Our Si Se Puede program is intended to support Latinx highschool freshmen, sophomores and juniors, while also providing a mentorship and leadership opportunity for Latinx college students. Si Se Puede will prioritize students who may not necessarily feel that college is an option for them, but will of course  also hold space for those who know that college is their gola, but may not know how to navigate the process. 

Si Se Puede 2020-COVID 19 Adjustments 

Due to the ever-changing environment caused by COVID-19, Si Se Puede will be taking the form of a completely online program in 2020. Rather than our usual format of having workshops open to the public, Si Se Puede will be a closed program for 15 to 20 Latinx students in the Charlottesville/Albemarle area. Students will enroll into our Si Se Puede program, committing to attend all four workshops, various followup meetings and homework assignments to further engage with the material presented in workshops. In addition to this, students will also be provided with mentorship through our first ever Latinx College Mentorship Network, Kaleidoscope. 

Sign Up Form to Participate in Si Se Puede 2020 is Now Open! 

Interested in participating in our Si Se Puede 2020 program? Read through our program details and requirements!

Important dates:

Deadline to apply: August 13th, 2020

Program start date: August 27th, 2020

Program end date: December 17th, 2020

Workshop Topics and Dates:

Workshop 1: September 3rd 

¡Representate! One on Ones with Latinx Professionals and Trailblazers.

Workshop 2:  October 1st

Finding the right college for you.

Workshop 3: November 5th

Paying for college (Info on FAFSA and Scholarships.)

Workshop 4: December 3rd

The Power of Personal Narrative. 

Si Se Puede-2020(final).png


  • Active communication with your mentors and group members.

  • Participation in all our 'Si Se Puede' workshops, Mentor check ins and Kaleidoscope followup discussions (outlined below) You will be provided with exact times for all workshops, Kaleidoscope discussions and mentor/mentee check-ins. 

Before you sign up:

Read the entire program description here, including, program start and end dates, workshop dates, and expectations. 

Read through the requirements and feeling ready to sign up?! Click here to fill out our simple sign up form! 

Kaleidoscope-Mentorship for our Si Se Puede Participants 

Si-Se-Puede Kaleidoscope Mentors.png

A group of butterflies is referred to as a kaleidoscope.


One of our main priorities in Creciendo Juntos is to ensure that all our program participants feel a sense of community and belonging. We strongly believe in prioritizing collective learning and community success over individual achievement. Therefore, in order to offer a greater sense of community and connection with our students,we will be integrating a mentorship component into Si Se Puede this year. This will be especially important during a time in which we cannot physically be in the same space together. 

Kaleidoscope will function as a mentorship network between Latinx college students and our Si Se Puede Latinx high school students. Students will be split into groups of five with two mentors assigned to each group. Kaleidoscope mentors will provide followup discussions with their mentees to further engage with workshop information and material. Additionally, mentors will also provide guidance and support for their mentees and mentee’s parents on followup assignments that will be given by our Executive Director and Youth Programs Coordinator. 

Sign up to be a Kaleidoscope Mentor! 

Interested in being mentor throughout our Si Se Puede program?! Read through our requirements here. 

Important dates for mentors:

Deadline to sign up: August 13th

Program Start Date: August 20th (Mentor welcome and orientation)

Program End Date: December 17th


Karina A. Monroy

Executive Director

1740 Broadway Street

Charlottesville, VA 22902

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