Trauma-Informed Cross-Cultural Pyschoeducation Leadership Training at The Women's Initiative

Updated: Jul 9, 2018

Trauma-Informed Cross-Cultural Psychoeducation (TICCP) Leadership Training begins its fourth cohort this June with a series of workshops that help immigrants and refugees develop their leadership skills around well-being and mental health.

TICCP is a “train the trainer” curriculum created by Dr. Hyojin Im, Assistant Professor of Social Work at VCU. Participants learn how to raise awareness around the mental health impact of refugee and immigrant trauma as well as cultural adjustment to a new country. They also enhance their competency for mental health and support within their community. Additionally, they form a healing partnership with mental health professionals that will improve health care access for their community.

Training is free!

If you or someone you know would like to be a part of the next cohort, contact Ulises Martinez: or (915) 274-8512; or Megan Young: or (434) 979-7772 x119.

Visit The Women's Initiative's Website for more details.


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